Mr. Greg Christman is the Man! I would never even consider working with any other agents. We found Greg 20 years ago and so glad we did. He saved us from buying a house we really liked. Later we saw they had to replace the entire foundation and floor in the house. So glad we did not get that  house. We obtained our first house because of the way Greg handled things. No way on gods green earth would we have ever obtained our second house if it was not for Greg. It’s a long story that took 5 months. But now 13 years later we are so happy we got this house, thanks to Greg. An incredible Realtor and a family friend for 20+ years. We run a Private Investigations Company in Beaverton, OR. We added him to our company website as The recommended realtor

Megan Ososke

Greg is one of a kind! I have worked with many realtors who claim to have the same professional skillset but often find that to be untrue.
Greg has the obvious traits; friendly, outgoing, organized, detailed, client specific attitude. Yet where he differs is his laser focus to find you the best  deal within realistic boundaries in both price and quality. I learned a ton working with Greg and it motivated me to spend more time with him. He doesn’t show you homes or the obvious, yes I see the granite and the crown molding trim, thanks. He educates you about codes, construction quality, renovation, sprawl, foundation strengths and tolerances, all revealing traits to make you appreciate the home you’re reviewing or spending a lot of $ on. By the time we were done I was looking inside closets for foundation cracks and rolling marbles on entryways to verify leveling! Greg is more realtor guru than most, I don’t need a chauffeur I needed an advocate that was going to protect me and my investment, I found one. If you want someone with more than an RMLS listing and a car, someone with the necessary attitude to help find your future than look no further.

Matt Pire

We met Greg by chance at a home showing 20 years ago. We haven’t and wouldn’t use anyone else. He took initiative, was patient with my wanting to look at everything, and got us into our first home. Years later he assisted us with our second home. We almost lost the house due to short sale.   Fortunately Greg had a lot of experience with short sales. He negotiated with the bank and the seller to make the sale work. He’s a solid guy and keeps in touch 20 years later. You can absolutely trust Greg will come through for you.

Dan Phillips

We have now bought several homes with Jeremy & I gotta say, he may be the absolute best at finding the perfect buying opportunities! Know idea how he does it, but he consistently finds the hidden gems. I think part of his being so good at it, is that he obviously loves finding the great deals that others miss seeing…

Kat Johnson

Being a first time home buyer is tariffing and tough. Then add selling a house into the mix and it could become stressful. Having Jeremy to work with made it easy. His versatility and connections in his field make the whole experience stress free and easy. Would recommend Jeremy to my family and friends.

Susan Parker

I’ve bought two properties with Jeremy’s help; he got excellent prices for me, and went out of his way to help with just about everything, including things that were far and away “above and beyond the call” of his duties as a real estate agent. I recommend him without reservation to anyone looking for a property in Portland and surrounding areas of Oregon.

John Honecker

Willa made the home buying experience go so smoothly. As first time home buyers we were very nervous of the process and she put us at ease. She is knowledgeable and we felt like she had our back throughout this process. She offered great advice and was always available to answer our questions and was extremely reassuring. We would highly recommend her to anyone needing support in buying a home.

Jim Chillemi

Willa did an excellent job of helping us relocate to the area. She was knowledgeable, provided great insight for the respective areas we looked at, and was prompt in responding to our emails and texts. She guided us to get the home we love and we couldn’t be happier!


Highly recommend Willa for your real estate transaction. I’ve been using her exclusively for the last 5years, and found her to be professional, knowledgeable, and a honest. She knows how to deliver difficult news and negotiate complex deals. She is resourceful, strong, and has a great sense of humor. Willa is the whole package!

April Sabbe

Willa is knowledgeable, experienced and calm. She was always available to provide perfect advice, while simultaneously allowing us to make decisions on our own. I couldn’t have asked for a better home buying experience and we owe that all to Willa!

Tilley Carrie

Over the past several years, Willa has sold over 20 homes for my company. She has shown a great deal of hard work and reliability that allows me to continue working with her on a regular basis. I’m thankful to have her as a part of my regular business operation.

Ryan Morell

Willa is a gem. I had not purchased a house for 30+ years, so obviously a lot had changed, yet she smilingly guided me through the process. I was never pressured to see a house, change my search criteria, or make an offer. Whenever I requested a new list of homes, one was shortly emailed to me. And when I found THE house, she helped me put together the offer that won out despite multiple offers.

Maureen Patrick

Willa leveraged her impressive skill, knowledge, experience and saavy to get me into exactly the house I wanted. She also smoothly managed sales and purchases for my family and friends all over the metro area. It isn’t just Willa’s proficiencies though, it is additionally her commitment and kindness that make me happily recommend her as a top agent in this city.

Matt Jaso

Willa was knowledgeable without being pushy. She had a strong grasp of the area and of the home buying process. She worked very hard on our behalf and got us into a home that we absolutely love!

Drew Persse

Willa helped me buy a house when we moved to Portland in 2014, then, when we needed to relocate within the city, she helped us sell that house (at a lovely profit) and buy another perfect house, in the neighborhood we needed. She was professional, proactive, and all around awesome. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking in the Portland metro area.

Mika Buffington

We used Willa again to sell our home, and she was just as amazing as the first time. She is readily available to answer questions and she is a fierce advocate for her clients. She really walked us through every step.

Kami Buffington

I have used Willa for over 10 transactions and every one has been a great experience. Willa is an excellent communicator, always keeping me up to speed on our transactions. She is knowledgeable of many neighborhoods in the metro area and is always positive and upbeat. I would definitely recommend her!

Charles Flaxel

I highly recommend Willa as your real estate agent if you are looking to sell or buy in the Oregon area, especially in Portland and Beaverton. She is an honest and knowledgeable professional who will answer any questions you have during the transaction and will work hard to meet your expectations.

Erika Hurtado

My boyfriend and I just moved to Oregon and we didn’t know where to start in looking to buy a home. We were so lucky to have stumbled upon Willa. As first time home buyers we were all over the place with what home we wanted to buy. Willa was patient, had amazing advice and was available whenever we wanted to go see a home we liked. After only a month of working with her to find a home, she found our dream home! We were so nervous putting in our first ever home offer but with Willa’s extensive background and knowledge of this industry we came out on top of five offers to get the house we LOVE. I highly recommend Willa for ANY buying or selling in the state of Oregon. She is an amazing person, she gets stuff done and has your absolute best interest as a client.

Riley Kratzer

We found Willa as a part of relocating from Portland. We had tried working with a different realtor, but they weren’t able to get our property sold. Willa was able to jump in and expedite the process of selling our home to meet the timelines we needed! Willa is incredibly responsive and communicative – we had already physically moved from Portland, but she was able to make us feel connected to the process of selling our home. Our questions were always quickly answered, and she went above and beyond in making sure our home was as presentable as possible to make sure that it was as attractive to buyers as possible. I would absolutely recommend Willa to anyone looking to buy or sell a home – I have no doubt that she would approach any client with the same level of professionalism and expertise as she did with our situation.

Patrick Dedrick

Willa had previously sold a house for me that I was flipping and I had been very pleased with her professionalism and all the help she had been; so when it was time for me to sell my own personal house, I again contacted her. She quickly ran comps on my home and discussed them with me and together we settled on a price. She walked through my house with me and I was able to discuss with her what if anything needed to be done to it prior to placing it on the market. Once it was listed, it sold quickly. She made herself available to me every step of the way. It was a very good experience.

Pauline Lea

What can I say about Willa? She really poured her heart into helping us find a home that worked for us on a tight budget. While helping us, she showed wisdom, timely attentiveness to our requests, selflessness, perseverance, patience, hard work, honesty, and faithfulness. She did truly excellent work, and I highly recommend her! Thank you Willa!


Working with Willa was a joy. She provided guidance when asked, represented the best interests of the sale and made the relocation process seamless. I felt like all I needed to do was say yes or no. She took care of all of the difficult issues with ease. If only I could use her for my next sale.

Mrs. Smeee

Willa was an outstanding help throughout two home sales for my wife and I. Her knowledge of the area and homer buying process are second to none. She really has your best interest at heart and I would highly recommend her to any potential buyer or seller.

Kami Persse

Willa, was excellent to work with! She was knowledgeable about the the PDX area, showed us many houses so as to make sure that we found the right match for our family. She was always reponsive to all of our many questions, and was willing go above and beyond to make sure that we had all the nessecary information to make a good decesion on or purchase. I was highly impressed with her knowledge of what the potential pros and cons of the houses she showed us where, often pointing out features that I would have other wise overlooked. We were on a very tight shedule for purchasing and had very specific needs and wants in a home, not only was Willa patient with us but she did everything she could to get us into the right home on or tight schedule. She is an extremely trustworthy realtor, who honestly cares about her clients. If and when we go to buy or sell again we will most defiantly be working with her. Buying or selling a home can be a stressful experience, If you are looking for a real state agent that will make your experience smooth and is willing to do that “little something extra” then I can not recommended a better person than Willa Myrman.

Tania Tabello

Willa worked very hard for four months to find a place that suited my needs. It was a very difficult market for buyers to navigate, but she made it much easier and was patient in spite of our manic requests! She is the fourth real estate agent I have closed with and by far the best!

Brandon Aleshire

Brandi was amazing, we could not be happier with her work. Between her local knowledge, her connections, her quick responses, her thoughtful approach and her organization, she made the process smooth, easy and understandable. I cannot recommend her enough, if you are buying or selling in the area you have to use her.

Patrick Sterns

Brandi was amazing, we could not be happier with her work. Between her local knowledge, her connections, her quick responses, her thoughtful approach and her organization, she made the process smooth, easy and understandable. I cannot recommend her enough, if you are buying or selling in the area you have to use her.

Patrick Sterns

Brandi is an impressive real estate agent.

We talked to a couple of agents before we talked to Brandi and we knew from that first meeting that she was going to be our choice. She was very professional in greeting us and walked us through the sales contract document at the very first meeting so that we had no major surprises down the road. When we arrived at her office there were 2 seats with scratch pads on the table for us to take notes. Since we were first time home buyers we had many questions that ranged from mortgage to different kinds of inspections, roofing materials, kitchen re-modelling etc. She answered all of them quite patiently.

We had competing offers on our house of choice and she helped secured the deal without exceeding our budget. She was very knowledgeable about the whole process and guided us pretty well (including encouraging us to shop for multiple lenders). She showed us properties within our budget and within the first week we saw about 18-20 houses with her.

Deserving special mention are her communication skills over email. Crystal clear communication with expectations at different stages of the buying process that helped first time buyers like us. At one stage it seemed like the sellers needed some convincing on the counter offer and Brandi came to the rescue by typing an appropriately worded email that helped secure the deal.

Here is wishing her all the best.

P Joshi

My husband and I were searching for a realtor for our first house purchase and I am so glad we found Brandi! At our first meeting itself, we were impressed with her knowledge of the real estate market, mortgage and home improvement projects. Her blog posts further indicated her familiarity with the field. She consistently pointed out the pros and cons of the houses and didn’t pressurize us in making a decision. Brandi was always available for house tours and we ended up with an accepted offer within 10 days of meeting her! She coached us well with regards to paperwork and the whole house buying process that we were able to get to the closing without any major hiccup! Whenever we had questions, Brandi was always available to answer them. She is a very effective communicator. We love our first house and I do not exaggerate when I say it wouldn’t have been possible without a proactive realtor like Brandi.

Meghna Pant

Brandi was amazing to work with! My fiance and I met her browsing open houses a year before we were ready to really look, and knew we wanted her as our agent. She was just brimming with knowledge and curiosity in the inner workings of the housing market and finding the right neighborhood and house to fit her clients. Before we were ready to really look, she kept in touch without being pushy, and introduced us to some Portland history.

When we were ready to shop, she paid attention to what we said we wanted and what we were consistently drawn to, narrowing down our search. She also always asked the questions for us that we didn’t know to ask.

When it was time to offer, Brandi was honest but never pushy, and ended up getting us an excellent price on our new home, and made sure EVERY box was checked and squared away before we made this huge financial commitment.

If we had it to do over again, we would go with Brandi again in a heartbeat. She’s meticulous, super knowledgeable, continuously curious, honest, funny, and kind.

Kayla Quinn

We found Brandi by stroke of luck after a poor experience with a previous real estate agent. A self-described nerd, Brandi is super knowledgeable, personable, actionable, passionate, and focused. She guided us with professionally and transparency throughout the process and kept us from having nervous breakdowns all along the way during our stressful first home purchase. We would recommend Brandi to anyone and everyone. She was the perfect partner for us as she really cared about our experience, getting to know us, and getting us into the perfect house for US! If you are looking for the right home for your life, Brandi is THE BEST realtor for you.

Doug Martin

Brandi recently served as our realtor and we couldn’t have been happier. We met her at one of her open houses and she was very knowledgeable, without being pushy. She really listened to our needs and was quick to respond to any questions we had. Brandi was very on top of things. We would frequently exchange listings and when we saw one we liked, she would have details to us and tours scheduled within a couple hours if not sooner. Brandi works with all budgets and didn’t try to upsell us, which I appreciated. She’s also highly knowledgeable in the field and when going through a house, she takes the time to look at the details like age of the appliances or possible repairs needed. I really loved how accessible she was. I never felt like I was bugging her with silly questions (believe me I was bugging her with silly questions), instead Brandi would take the time to talk us through the answer and she’d make sure we were comfortable with the decisions we were making. Brandi was extremely helpful and made the house hunting search seem smooth and easy. I highly recommend Brandi for any real estate needs and she’ll be the first one I call if I’m ever in need of buying/selling a house.

Megan Atkinson-Young

Brandi has been such a delight to work with. She definitely makes herself available for all house viewing sessions on such short notice which is really important as you know, good houses don’t stay in the market for longer than a few days. She is well versed in all the processes and has so much knowledge about every process that you feel all your ground is covered when you work with Brandi. She works in a very timely fashion and ensures that deadlines are met well before they arrive. Above all she is very pleasant and provides very honest opinions.

Chinnu Merin Abraham

My fiancee Heidi and I met Brandi at an open house where she patiently answered all of our questions and made a great first impression with us.

When we were ready to search for a home in earnest, we reached out to Brandi and she was amazing. Being first time home-buyers, she knew where we needed the most guidance, and helped us along during the entire process. She was always very responsive, and I never felt that any question was too small or immaterial for her time or consideration.

In our specific case, Brandi helped negotiate important repair addendum and also helped us establish a longer inspection period so we had plenty of time for due diligence. She also consulted us on the important details of flood insurance, elevation certificates, and more.

Most of all I appreciated Brandi’s professionalism and attention to detail. As a first time home-buyer, the details of the homes, mortgages, insurance, etc can be overwhelming. Brandi was attentive to all the details, made sure we were on track and gave us real peace of mind.

I hardly ever write online reviews, but this one is well deserved and is the least we could do to say thanks. I’m writing this from the comfort of our new, first house – and we love it! Thank you Brandi

Phil Stephenson

Brandi assisted me with the sale of my previous condo, as well as the hunt for, and purchase of, my new home, both in the SW Portland metro area.

Well before listing, Brandi came by my condo and took a look around, making several recommendations of items to update (flooring, appliances, paint, even down to colors and flooring types!) before listing, in order to maximize value. She provided recommendations for house cleaning, handyman, painting services) all of which were excellent resources. As we got close to listing, Brandi gave me a few more pointers for staging, moving certain items out to improve the look of the space, etc., and had the home professionally photographed. Upon listing, she held several open houses, brokers opens, and significant marketing effort, even as the market cooled slightly. When we finally got under contract, she kept me up to date on the progress of the sale, including working closely with the buyer’s agent on several items which came up along the way.

In the meantime, we started visiting potential homes for me to purchase…a LOT of homes. As we were finishing, I asked her how many homes we looked at over the course of the search; it turned out she was tracking every place we looked at, what I liked/didn’t like about it, and it’s status (all the way through sale, even ones I had lost out on), and the number was very close to 100! Her patience was incredible, but that is only part of the story. She helped me navigate two sale fails (one contingent offer failure, one inspection failure), several non-accepted offers, and played therapist to me, while also serving as a housing market analyst, unofficial home inspector, valuation expert, schedule coordinator, and a constant reminder of my previous opinions (like how every time I asked to look at a split foyer, she reminded me how I always hated the floorplans).

Overall, between the sale of my condo, and the purchase of my new home, Brandi spent nearly six months assisting me. Her attention to detail, work ethic, and vast knowledge of all areas of real estate made her invaluable to me. I give her my highest recommendation to anybody looking to buy or sell their home in the Portland area.

Kellen Christensen

We were feeling daunted about buying a home in Portland, but from our first meeting with Brandi we felt much more relaxed. Her straightforward approach was reassuring – she was realistic and told us what to expect from every step of the process. Brandi was calm and helpful through the whole process of buying a home. She used data to help us understand the housing market and was transparent about all the steps involved and was always extremely professional yet friendly. When we found homes we liked, she offered helpful insights (about both pros and cons) but didn’t push us one way or the other. She was respectful of our budget. She helped us find an amazing house in our dream neighborhood, and her negotiation skills were indispensable when we put in an offer. We highly recommend her!

Anna Brady

We were very happy with Brandi. Selling a home is a stressful experience. She walked us through every step of the process calmly and thoroughly. She was an expert in not only negotiating with our buyer but made a great impression on folks visiting our home during the open houses. I ran into someone later who had visited the home during one of the open houses who remarked at how impressed they were with her professionalism. We had a great experience with Brandi and she will be the first person we call if we need to buy or sell again.

Shelly Walker

My partner and I were determined to have Brandi represent us when we walked out of her office after our first meeting, and we are both so glad that we made that decision.

Brandi is a highly responsive, productive, and caring individual. Her familiarity with the greater Portland metro area meant we could pick her brain to determine what area of town might be the best fit for our goals and interests. She answered all of our questions with patience and provided thorough, clear answers, and she was ready and willing to doggedly pursue information on each house in which we expressed interest.

Brandi’s experience shows through her intuition. There were multiple times throughout the process in which Brandi would make some observations along with a prediction, and more often than not her prediction would be spot on. At one point negotiation became a bit tricky (as it can get when you’re a buyer in a very much sellers’ market) but Brandi negotiated with grace and without giving into pressure – our mortgage lender even commented on her cool head during negotiation! She was extremely thorough in composing our offers on each house, and even received compliments from a listing agent with regards to how well organized and complete our offers were. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference between getting a home or not, so all the little things Brandi did to make our time purchasing a home easier and more successful was very much appreciated.

Brandi cares for the people she represents, and it was clear to us that at the end of the day it was important to her that we be happy with and confident in our purchase. With her help, the whole process went so smoothly thanks to all the behind-the-scenes work Brandi does. We absolutely appreciate the effort she put in to ensure we had the information we needed to make informed choices and come out the other side as ecstatic buyers! This will likely not be the last home buying experience we have, and we absolutely want Brandi on our team for any and all of our broker-related needs in the future. If you’re looking for a realtor, we can’t say it enough – talk to Brandi!

Katherine Maack

My wife and I stumbled across Brandi when doing a bit of house searching. We had used her housing search page and she initially contacted us and encouraged us to meet in person. We had spoke to a few brokers before but none of then had offered to meet with us. We are glad we decided to meet Brandi and have her represent us. She was very knowledgeable and was able to help us every step of the way.

This was to be our very first housing purchase and we had little knowledge on the process. Brandi was very helpful with any questions we had, and responded in a quick and timely manner. The entire process went much smoother than what I originally thought it would thanks to her help and the effort she put in to help us.

Chris Kooken

Brandi really helped us make our home stand out in the market. She is a hard worker, flexible, and a great communicator. We would definitely work with her again.

Tygh Walker

Back when our dreams of homebuying were just nascent, we wandered into a few Open Houses in our neighborhood. While every other realtor tried to “sell themselves,” Brandi came across as very natural and deeply, genuinely interested in the world of real estate. We gave her our timeframe about when we’d be ready to start looking, and she not only followed up when the time came (nearly a year later), she respected it, whereas other realtors in the meantime spammed us aggressively. For these reasons we decided to go with Brandi, and we are SO glad we did! Brandi’s communication style is clear, patient, always helpful, incredibly accessible, and made the process feel easy for us first-time home buyers. When we stumbled upon a perfect fit in our dream neighborhood, we managed to get an offer accepted under list price despite a very competitive market. We truly believe that we were only able to pull this off thanks to Brandi’s diligence, strategy, and thorough knowledge of the market. We highly recommend Brandi to anyone looking for a realtor. Thank you Brandi!

Marcos Rodriguez

Brandi was fantastic! She was resourceful (new who to talk to and had references), knowledgeable about Portland and the housing market, friendly, and went out of her way to be accommodating to us. She was very helpful and did everything to make our purchase go easily.

Paul Hunter

We worked with Brandi for three months to find our perfect 2nd home. She was great! She’s methodical, listens well, has a sharp memory, and knows both her clients and the prospective properties inside and out.

Brandi got thrown a real curveball from us when we were, for 2 months straight, looking at only properties with 3+ acres of land out in the country and then wanted to look at a house that had zero acreage and was in the middle of the city. She didn’t miss a beat with collecting information about the house.

Her background truly lends itself to an impeccable set of realtor skills. Her breadth and depth of knowledge is amazing. She continually educated us about each house we were considering and the home-buying process. She’s patient and calm under the most stressful circumstances, and extremely responsive.

Sarah Stephenson